What I Won’t Miss

There’s a lot I will miss about life in the States, but in an effort to not depress myself, I thought I’d make a list of what I won’t miss. Like this:

That’s me, freezing this past winter with my son, who is hiding behind his snowman. While my kids will miss making snowmen and sledding, I will not miss shoveling snow, driving in snow, or shivering in temperatures well below freezing. I will miss the first snowfall of the year–there’s something very relaxing about snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa next to the fire, drinking hot chocolate and reading a book. And yes, it does snow in England on occasion, so I suspect I’m not leaving snowfall behind entirely. But I’m very happy to leave behind foot upon foot of snow for months on end.

Nor will I miss the winter-into-spring transition here in Cleveland, for snow turns into rain, and more rain, and then more rain, and suddenly it’s HOT. There are few nice days good for jeans and t-shirts here; it seems we go from cold to hot with little seasonal transition. And after waiting for six months for my spring bulbs to bloom, only to have them fizzle out, I’m looking forward to a proper English spring of flowering bulbs and trees everywhere.

3 thoughts on “What I Won’t Miss

  1. Elizabeth Young

    Oh what a great adventure your family is about to embark on, and I think you’re so smart to blog about it! I grew up in England, came to Canada as a nanny and ended up staying. England will always be ‘home’ though, and the comparisons never cease. I look forward to following your journey!

  2. Annie Boreson

    I wish you a wonderful move full of new adventures and plenty of time to write. I can only imagine that it is stressful now, but soon you will be planted in the U.K. and enjoying the newness of it. Keep us posted!

  3. Beth Hayden

    Hey, G! 🙂 I have many questions! So I thought I would ask them here so everyone can see your answers. Where will you guys be in England? London? Somewhere else? Do you have a house over there? Do you have jobs lined up (you, or S?). Are the kids excited?

    Congrats on the new blog! LOVE IT!


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