The Five W’s

Who, What, Where, When, Why. And How.

In response to my friend Beth’s comment on my last post, begging for details about our move, here are her questions with my responses:

1) Where will you be in England?

We will be living in SE England, in a village in Kent about 35 miles outside of London. That’s a picture of the village we’ll be living in above.

2) Do you have a house over there?

Well, temporarily. We will be living next door to my parents-in-law for the next year. (Yes, I know.) Their neighbors are currently living and working in Cyprus and are happy to have us stay in their house. In another year we’ll have to find a new place to live, closer to London.

3) Do you have jobs lined up?

Eh, no. But soon! We’ve been planning this move for about two years and my husband has been working very hard on networking and interviewing and is {thisclose} to landing a new position. I am taking some time, about six months or so, to help the kids get acclimated, help myself get acclimated (I have to drive on the other side of the road! I don’t want to!), then I’ll begin a job hunt.

4) Are the kids excited?

Now this is the hard question. Our daughter, who is 10, is not happy about leaving our house, her school, her friends, our two cats . . . everything. Our son, who is almost 6, is excited at the prospect of purchasing a Wii when we get there. (We are the ONLY family here who DON’T have a Wii and they are SO DEPRIVED and IT’S NOT FAIR!) Though from time-to-time he asks “When will we come back to where we really live?”

So there is a lot of adjusting to be done, and I expect a fairly bumpy ride for the next year. Not to mention our house is for sale here and the housing market stinks–we leave in two weeks and are crossing our fingers that a buyer comes through before we go. If not, we’ll be renting our house–not ideal, but better than leaving it empty. (I think.)

Any other questions I can answer?

3 thoughts on “The Five W’s

  1. ClaireMcA

    Sounds like an amazing adventure, good luck, at least you speak the same language!

    Kent is gorgeous and you are going to have all the wonderful new fresh insights that changing cultures brings, looking forward to reading more as you settle in.


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