97 Degrees in the Shade

Add that to the list of things I won’t miss about living here.

And today, of course, is the day our movers arrived to pack up our (not air-conditioned) house. I’m not sure how, but we do seem to pick the hottest days of the year to move; this is exactly what happened when we moved into this house six years ago, with the exception that I am not pregnant this time, thus not feeling like an overheated whale.

Right now I am simply relieved that this is finally happening, after months of waiting and worrying–it’s time for us to leave our nest and begin the next adventure. The kitties are now in Massachusetts with my sister, the house is still for sale and we no longer have beds to sleep in, but we have a place to stay until we head out on Monday.

And the best part? Is this.

We’re leaving for England next Wednesday evening on the Queen Mary 2.

One thought on “97 Degrees in the Shade

  1. beverlydiehl

    Looks gorgeous (the QM2). Have visited her grandmother several times (THE Queen Mary, in Long Beach.) Big boats; for those that have never seen one, the Titanic would almost look like a rowboat beside them. More like a floating luxury hotel. That’ll be an amazing trip, I suspect. Safe travels and a pleasant journey to you and your family.


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