Already Falling Behind

I’m managed to fall behind on my posting already–can I put it down to too much to do, not enough time? Writer’s block? Jet lag?

Ok, it’s not jet lag, because our passage over was by boat, and we moved our clocks ahead by one hour per night. (More on the voyage later.) It’s not writer’s block either, because I have so many things I want to share. Let’s put it down to adjustment time, shall we? We arrived in England on August 3rd, after a marvelous week at sea, and moved into the house next to my in-laws on the 9th. So far we’ve been car shopping once (no purchase yet), bought a very small slow cooker (Crock Pot) and coffeemaker, cleaned, done lots of laundry, and been off to London to visit the Tower. My husband is job hunting, I am working on school places for our children and learning to live with a teeny, tiny fridge whose two settings seems to be “frozen” or “near frozen.” (Mmm, yummy icy cucumber! Frozen lettuce leaves!) We don’t have a toaster, rather, we have a “grill” setting on the oven, and we slide out the grill pan, place the bread on it, and hope we don’t forget the bread is there and remember to flip it over before it burns.

A toaster is definitely in our future.

My husband has managed to turn 40 since we’ve been here, joining me in a decade I hit, er, well, a bit before he did. (Though I like to believe I don’t look a day over 31.) I think we’ve nearly managed to convince our 10-year-old to unpack her things before our container arrives from America this Tuesday; there has been an unpacking rebellion on her end: “It’s not my house and I’m not going to unpack!”

This is what we expect to see on Tuesday, though we don’t expect as much sun, nor will it be 104 degrees like it was the day the movers came to pack us up. And then it’s back to unpacking (sigh).

3 thoughts on “Already Falling Behind

  1. kelly garriott waite

    Interesting, interesting blog. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. I see we have Pennsylvania and Ohio in common and we share our ex-pat status: My family and I moved to Canada when my youngest was 2. We’re back in the States now, but what exciting times they were! Have you seen

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