The Queen Mary 2, Part 2

Somewhere on board the Queen Mary 2 there is a poster depicting Cunard cruises of years past, and one of them notes that the typical passenger can expect to gain one pound per day spent on board. This was enough to make me shudder in my medium-to-large sized shorts (it’s taken me a year-and-a-half for my post-40 body to lose 15 lbs, I’d love to lose 10 more, and I don’t want to go back!).

Now, bearing in mind that we dined every evening in the Britannia restaurant, which is for the “common folk” (although honestly, on this boat, it’s hard to feel “common”), I do wonder what the passengers paying for the penthouses and rooms that actually had doorbells outside their doors got to eat. (I tried desperately to sneak a peek into one of these rooms, to no avail. Perhaps next time.)

We were able to take a tour of the Britannia’s kitchens and, as my 10-year-old would say, OMG. Throughout the week we were amazed by how the wait staff managed to make us feel pampered every night but never rushed–though they have several hundred people sitting down to dine at 6:00, and another group at 8:30. And after the first day, our two servers knew our names, the names of our children, and the names of all the other diners they were taking care of. Honestly, this is an achievement I could never begin to manage.

And oh, that kitchen? Amazing.

1500 eggs. In one day

Mmm...I do believe it's time for tea.

That's 50 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables for six days on board.

I can’t comprehend 50 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, 27 chefs, 120 liters of cream…in one day. Our restaurant was one of ten dining choices available on board. And I find it difficult to plan meals for four on a regular basis. But by the end of our week, all four of us were ready to take jobs on board so we would never have to leave. I don’t know what my job would have been, but James decided he would make candy for everyone on board. I’ll apologize now for the pun, but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

3 thoughts on “The Queen Mary 2, Part 2

  1. Beverly Diehl

    The pastry chef’s first name is that of a chocolate syrup? How apropos!

    Have never (yet) cruised, but I’ve heard if one is not careful, one must be ROLLED off the ship at journey’s end. Thanks for letting me taste the trip, if vicariously.

  2. Deborah Batterman

    What a delightful post! And that caption — 1500 eggs, in one day — is enough to make anyone with a sense of humor (not to mention perspective) smile. I’m especially glad that Marcia Mayne got a WordPress blogging group up and running on She Writes . . . so you could lead me right here. 😉


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