Dear People of Britain

In case you haven’t noticed, your nation suffers from excessive dampness.

This leads to problems like mildew.

Having just spent 30 minutes scrubbing mildew off of some of the windows in this house, I have one very important word for you:


Let me say that again. De-hu-mid-i-fier. Would some member of your fair nation please tell me why you don’t install dehumidifiers in your houses to help alleviate some of this dampness? Or, for that matter, bathroom exhaust fans? (I do not enjoy opening the bathroom window at 6:30 in the morning when it is -1° C outside to let out the steam. Feeling that cold air blow over me as I try to get warm under the paltry flow of the showerhead does not make me a happy girl.)

Yes, America might be a much younger nation with far less history than Britain, but please, we do know how to do a few things right. Take a lesson from us, I’m begging you, in the name of a mildew-free future: look into these newfangled things called exhaust fans and dehumidifiers. Trust me, they’re brilliant.




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