Holiday Recap

Well, now that we’ve dusted our hands of 2011 and are looking forward to a 2012 slightly less full of household upheaval, I thought I’d do a quick recap of our holidays.

We had the Christmas pageant at James’s school (yes, they talk about religion here! They do the baby Jesus, the sheep, the camels, the wise men, everything!). James was Joseph, and I’d post adorable photos if I hadn’t signed and promised that I would not post any photos online. Trust me, it was cute.

Then, we had the school Christmas Fair, x2 (one for each child). Madness, I tell you. I ran the chocolate tombola at Charlotte’s school–having never heard of a tombola until two days before the event. It’s essentially a raffle: 1 ticket for 25 pence, 5 tickets for £1. Pull your tickets out of the bowl and see if any of the numbers have won you a prize from an enormous selection of chocolate. This enormous selection still manages to run out in about 12.5 minutes and the children clamoring for tickets look like something you might see on the trading floors of Wall Street.

That same evening was Simon’s company Christmas party in London, so I dashed home from tombola-ing to change into a pretty frock and get on the train. The party was in Holborn (pronounced Hoe-burn, not Hol-born, I was informed…and laughed at). It was quite excellent.

There were a few school carol concerts thrown in (again, not allowed to post photos: school rules) at actual churches, with real, actual prayers. Imagine!

Of course, there was Christmas with the extended family, plus Boxing Day (Christmas redux), more food than should be possibly allowed, loads and loads of Legos and chocolates and excitement amongst the youngsters. But I have not forgotten about the Christmas cake! Here’s a photo of Simon’s actual baked Christmas cake: It was surprisingly good, though very moist (his family think he seriously overdid the brandy). It just might be growing on me.

Also, the Christmas pudding, caught in flame…but you can’t see it flaming in the photo. Sorry.

And then there were these:

Yes, you read that right.

These made their debut this year; I don’t believe they’ve been seen inside my parents-in-law’s house since the early 1970s. There is a long story about how my father-in-law’s parents brought indoor fireworks to Christmas dinner and set them off on the brand new dining table, ruining it forever. Some people were not amused. We heard this story for the first time this year and…voila. They still make indoor fireworks! (Thanks to my friend for buying them. I think.)

We set them off outside, and the photos are not spectacular, so I’ll spare you those.

Overall, there was much silliness, including the wearing of paper hats and stickers. (Wearing of stickers not a British tradition.)








And poor Cinderella lost her head (literally…it was glued back on) and was so overcome she decided to hang out in the stable.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Recap

  1. Mary

    Indoor fireworks! In Perú, we just used regular sparklers in the living room. I asked if it was safe and was looked at like I was the one that was crazy!

  2. beverlydiehl

    I too am blown away by the concept of indoor fireworks. Sure doesn’t *sound* safe.

    But of course, we Yankees are wusses, we don’t even believe in shooting guns in the air for New Year’s or anything, just because it picks off a few innocent bystanders each year. I will now run if anyone asks me to help with a tombola, even if the word chocolate is included.

    1. Ginny

      Where I grew up, people DO believe in shooting guns off on New Year’s…which is a bit disconcerting! Yes, the indoor fireworks–crazy idea. Thanks for commenting!


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