This Week in Britain

Hmm…it’s January and life is surprisingly quiet in the Expatrimummy household. (But that’s ok! Nobody panic!) So I thought I would briefly delve into what’s going on around this fine island nation.

Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and future queen of England, turns  30 today. According to palace sources, she’s having a quiet day, no lavish parties, no karaoke, no late night dancing. Oh dear, sounds like she’s settling down into quiet married life.

Queen Elizabeth had a bit of distressing news last week when a body was found on her Sandringham estate on New Year’s Day. This is the second body to be found on or near royal property in the past year; in March the remains of Robert James Moore were found on an island in St. James’s Park, within view of Buckingham Palace. Moore was a “royal obsessive” who sent hundreds of letters, photographs and packages to the Queen. It is thought Moore’s remains had been there for as many as three years. Makes one wonder if there is a conspiracy within the anti-royalist movement to plant bodies around her property to bring the royal family down.

On a lighter note, I met someone recently who has a relative who works in security for the royal family. While this relative was working at Sandringham (the royal family’s “private” estate where they go to pretend they are “normal people”), he entered into a room to see an elderly woman laying a fire. Then he realized the elderly woman was the queen.

What does one do in such a situation? Back away quietly? Rush forward and say, “Oh no, your majesty, you must let me do that,” fully knowing the queen is bent on something akin to self-sufficiency in her “off duty” mode? Well, he did what most of us would do when confronted with an elderly woman on her knees in front of the fireplace: he offered to help, and they built the fire together.

In other birthday news, Stephen Hawking turned 70 this weekend. He, of course, is the crazy smart genius physicist who resides in Cambridge. When my husband was a student in Cambridge, he used to get his hair cut in the same barber shop as Hawking, even seeing him there a time or two. Hawking, one of the most brilliant individuals alive, admitted in an interview recently that the greatest mystery of all, for him, has nothing to do with science: the one thing he can’t understand in this world is women.

And that, in short, is this week in Britain.

7 thoughts on “This Week in Britain

  1. Cara Lopez Lee

    Bodies on the lawns of British royalty?! Sounds so very American. What a fun update: full of name-dropping, yet doesn’t make me feel like a celebrity-crazed voyeur. Must be because it all takes place in the dignified realm of the U.K. I definitely would have offered to help the old queen, too… hmmm, that doesn’t sound quite right.

  2. beverlydiehl

    I think how very weird it must be to be born royal, or to marry into it. Elizabeth II (although the same goes for the original, if you think about it) has had a very interesting life. And I once dated a man who admitted to a wild crush on her, in her (and his) younger days, though you wouldn’t think, looking at her now, that she was stalker-bait.


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