Bibs and Bobs

Or is it “bits and bobs”? I have never really been sure quite what it is the British are saying when they mean “odds and ends.” Which is to say, I have more randomness for you today, once again from a selection of British newspapers.

In November I clipped out this bit from an article on jobs that pay more than £40,000 per year. On the list was “Senior national government official,” a person who commands a salary of £78,182. Also known as assistant secretaries/Grade 5 (government); diplomats; members of parliament (MPs); members of the European parliament (MEPs); and permanent secretaries, whatever that might mean.

With each job a strange fact was included, or a “Well I never.” This “Well I never” was: “MPs elected to the last (2005-2010) parliament were four times more likely to go to prison than the average Briton.”


Next up, the lede sentence in a short article in the local paper, which began: “Wheelchair-bound pervert …” Nice bit of journalism there.

Another from the local paper, a headline: “Rug and blanket stolen off horse.”

“Police are investigating after a horse blanket and rug was stolen off an elderly pony in a field.

The 31-year-old animal was in the field in (redacted), on Friday, when the theft happened leaving it to spend the night in the cold.

The owner of the horse said the animal had been left shaken by the experience. If you can help police, phone …”

This begs the question: just how did the owner know the animal was “shaken” by the experience?


One thought on “Bibs and Bobs

  1. Kate

    Four times more likely to go to prison? Really? How did they calculate that? More likely to go to prison during their term of office, or later in life (or to already have been there)? What are the repercussions when an MP is convicted of a serious crime? Did the article propose any changes to laws or sentencing, or other deterrents specifically targeted at government officials tempted to succomb to corruption?
    But mostly I’m kind of worried about the pony. Has there been a follow-up story?


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