The Nation Has Come to a Halt

Really, it has. Because there are five inches of snow out there.

I got my wish–snow–though it all fell overnight while we were sleeping, so no staring out the window at it coming down. I’ve had my snow, we’ve shoveled our drive and the in-laws’ drive, James has been sledding and built a “snow volcano,” I got to sit by the fire with a cup of coffee at my in-laws’ house, and my winter is now complete.

The Back Garden

This is baby snow for us, but not for the Brits. After 13 years in Ohio, even my husband agrees this is a modest snowfall, though once upon a time he would have been just as overwhelmed by it as the rest of them. The big question is, will there be school tomorrow? I’m sure you can guess who in this house is voting for and who’s voting against. We’ll find out tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Nation Has Come to a Halt

  1. Kate

    It is amazing how beautiful that looks when it’s someone else’s problem. 🙂
    I do not miss the Ohio snow at all, and as soon as I’m finished in Ireland, I’m putting my foot down and we are moving someplace warm and sunny.
    But that picture is all kinds of winter wonderlandy – I hope the kids are loving it, and I hope they get a snow day tomorrow!

  2. Beverly Diehl

    I grew up in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but am SoCal all the way, now. Miss visiting the snow, but not living in it. It’s beautiful when it comes down, when it sparkles on the sidewalks in the streetlight, but shoveling a driveway *every* morning for a couple of weeks… starts lookin’ a lot less pretty. Not to mention when the soot and auto-exhaust get to discoloring it.


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