What I Did on My Paris Vacation

My brain has decided to go on holiday this week (proof of such: I warmed up my coffee in the microwave this morning, reached in to grab my mug after the timer beeped, and felt … air. My mug was on the counter. I’ve twice filled the washing machine with dirty laundry and forgotten to press the start button. I’ve also twice cleaned up after a sick little boy, including carpet shampooing… which may go some way to explaining my brain’s absence).

Because my brain has absented itself from my skull, I’m posting more Paris pictures for your entertainment. Highlights: watching James race up 43 stories worth of stairs at the Eiffel Tower without getting tired (I kid you not), the beauty of Notre-Dame, viewing the Eiffel Tower after dark, and going to the famous bookstore Shakespeare & Co. (Yes, I am a nerd.)

Oh, and how could I forget? We spent some quality time with Mona:

If you ask me, all the hype over Mona is overdone. Up close, she’s just another Renaissance gal.

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