Happy Birthday, Will!

Shakespeare, that is. Yes, today is (alleged) to be both the birthday and the death day of the world’s best-known playwright. Born 23 April 1564, died 23 April 1616 after a pub crawl–he and his mates went out drinking at as many pubs as possible, he caught a cold, and, kaput. Or so the story goes.

It’s also St. George’s Day. File:St George wood carving.gifThis would be St. George slaying the dragon. George is the patron saint of England, as well as numerous other countries, appearing at crucial times in this nation’s history to lead armies into battle. He wasn’t even British, but a Christian Turk, who joined the Roman army, led by a pagan emperor. He made his way to England and slaughtered a dragon terrorizing a village, thus leading to the story of St. George and the Dragon. He was eventually beheaded by a Roman emperor in Palestine for not denying his Christian faith.

Funnily enough, he is also the patron saint of scouts, soldiers, chivalry, archers, calvary, farmers, field workers, riders, saddlers, and helps those suffering from leprosy, plague, and syphilis.

Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Will!

  1. DM Yates

    Happy Birthday to William Shakespeare, one of my favorite reads. I sure didn’t know about all this on St. George. A friend from SheWrites Blogger


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