Election Day

Today was election day, strictly local, no major national government changeovers in the works. It was easy for me not to pay much attention, since I’m not a citizen and can’t vote, but get this, all you Americans who are at your wits’ end with the already year-old presidential election, the robo-calls, the leaflets, the signs: there’s none of that here.

No leaflets through the door, no phone calls, and I have seen a total of two small signs in support of a candidate. Small as in not much bigger than an 8″ x 10″ piece of paper. It’s a refreshing change.

I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of elections in the UK (and were my husband home from work I’d quiz him for details), but I do know they use paper ballots marked in ink (and counted by hand, results tallied and reported the same day): no computer snafus and no hanging chads. No overkill advertising (what a relief!) and, believe it or not, no press coverage of the election at all on the day: no adverts for or against a candidate, no commentary, nothing.

This, I like.


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