And Now, Some Good News

After weeks months of not keeping calm here in the expatrimummy household, the skies have brightened (literally and metaphorically), the sun has come out and it feels like summer. (75°F, people!! It’s a heatwave!)

And finally, finally, some good news: Charlotte has been accepted into one of the secondary schools we were planning to appeal to, without us needing to appeal (someone got a place at another school, freeing up a space for her). Plus, we have found a place to rent for the next year and will move to the farm behind where we live now in the next few weeks. We’ll be living in a converted barn (please don’t think this is a barn the size of one found in America–it’s not) and are very excited to have a home of our own, with our own stuff, once more.

“Our” barn is a Grade II listed building, meaning, more or less, that it is a building of particular architectural interest and must be preserved as such (though no, this doesn’t mean there will be any horses sharing with us). It dates back to the 17th century, though the interior was redone about 15 years ago, so there will be no bedding of children in pig troughs (thank goodness!). It’s a lovely timber-framed structure, thick red brick walls, and a tile roof typical of the area. While nothing of historical importance happened there (at least I don’t know of any famous livestock in these parts) it’s a lovely place to live. Pictures to come, once I’ve taken them.

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