Glad That’s Over

Our 25 minute meeting with the school appeals panel went well, really well. I even impressed my husband by a) not crying, (I had about 3 seconds where I thought I might, then pulled myself back together) and b) by being articulate, eloquent and passionate in what I said (his words). Not that he didn’t know I am all those things, I just tend to get a bit tongue-tied and nervous when required to speak in front of, you know, actual people.

We have no idea how they might decide, but feel confident that we did the absolute best we could, had a strong argument in our favor (I should say, our daughter’s favor), and we’re happy with how it went. I do think there are other children who are likely to get through before Charlotte, but that’s ok. We did what we needed to do. Thanks for your concern, everyone–this has been so unfair on our daughter, and so stressful for us, but it’s done, and we can begin to move forward to the next thing, namely: moving into the barn!

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