Did You Hear the One About the Prime Minister Who Left His Daughter at the Pub?

Yep, it’s true: David Cameron, Britain’s esteemed prime minister, left his 8-year-old daughter in the pub in April after a family outing for Sunday lunch. The news was revealed to the world today, leading us to wonder how the news was kept under wraps for this long. I get the feeling I’m not in America anymore.

Here’s the thing: Mr. Cameron left the pub in a car with his security detail, while his wife left in her own car with two of their three children. The 8-year-old, Nancy, was in the bathroom when both parents left, each under the impression that the child was with the other. She spent no more than 15 minutes parentless (phew!).

In case you are wondering (as was I), security for a prime minister extends only to . . . the prime minister. Not his family. (Nope, this is not America.) Newspapers here won’t even print photos of his children, pixellating them beyond recognition should they ever appear in a photo with their father. (How absolutely brilliant–one of the few things I applaud the {many, not all} overly-sensational newspapers here for.) Little Nancy was under the supervision of only her parents, and, if you read the article I linked to above, you will note the line, “Mr Cameron’s bodyguards are there to protect him, not assist with childcare.”

So, now we know. I’m a bit appalled but also, quite honestly, very understanding. I’m the normal mother of two normal kids, no pressing concerns about wars or the economy, and I can understand how you might think one of your children was with the other parent in certain situations. But then again . . . Mr. Cameron, you forgot your kid?

One thought on “Did You Hear the One About the Prime Minister Who Left His Daughter at the Pub?

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    Yes I saw this story on the news today. It is never a good thing to leave your child behind and I’m sure all the parents who have made a mistake like this are very sorry about it and grateful it all turned out well in the end, with the child psychologically unscarred and safe. I was glad the media seemed to be treating it as what it was – a mistake, as opposed to a scandal or something. By the way – this is my first visit to your blog, referred through SheWrites. Looks very interesting!


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