I Live in a Barn

Yes, really.

After moving in let’s see, three weeks ago, I can safely say I am still exhausted? No, that would be four weeks, apparently (yes, I have lost all track of time). It’s hard to keep track when the days run into one another in a blur of rain and gray–yes, the British summer hasn’t yet become a summer, and temperatures here haven’t gotten above about 68F. Lovely. Not what I’m used to, but admittedly quite a lot better than the 102F being experienced back home. Funnily enough, while much of the U.S. is experiencing a drought, we began the year in drought conditions here, and were put on a “hosepipe ban” (ie, garden hose, thus no water outside plants). This was quickly followed by torrential downpours and rain nearly every single day for–again, I have lost track, it has rained nearly every day for months–until now parts of the country are experiencing flooding. No, we are no longer in drought conditions. This is also the wettest summer on record–yay. It has been a pretty miserable one and I’d gladly swap it for sunshine and 100F right now. (Ok, maybe not 100. How about 85?)

So, do you want to see photos of our 17th century barn? I don’t have any inside photos yet, so stay tuned.

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