I Got Up at 5:00 This Morning to Go See a Bit of Fire

Does that sound nuts, or what? Right now, at 8:39 am, it feels nuts and I’m wondering how much coffee I’ll need to stay awake today.

Oh wait. You don’t know what I mean by “a bit of fire”? The Olympic flame, of course. It went through the town nearest our village at 6:37 this morning, through a park less than .25 miles from James’ school, and his school arranged for any students who wanted to go see it to meet up at 6am. Over 200 students went, and Simon and I both joined the crowd. (Our daughter not being a morning person and not overly impressed with bits of fire chose to stay in bed.) James was very excited, and it was a “once in a lifetime experience,” or so people tell me.

I don't know who they are, but they look important

I don’t know who they are, but they look important

Official Olympic flame dude.

My husband left us to walk to the train station for London, and was lucky enough to see the flame boarding a boat to travel up the river Medway as it carries on its way to London.

The flame is over there somewhere…

I don’t envy anyone who has to deal with all those kids who have been up since the crack of dawn…

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