Head Primate

This sooooo makes me giggle. Perusing the Guardian newspaper the other week, I came upon the editorial page. Some of you may know that the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is leaving the post to become headmaster of Magdalene College, Cambridge (which happens to be the college my husband attended). So, there’s going to be an election shortly for a new archbishop. I know very little about the Anglican church and its hierarchy, so was interested to read the short article about the election on the editorial page. Here’s the first sentence of that editorial:

“Some time in the next two months – maybe next week – the new archbishop of Canterbury, primate of England and head of the Anglican communion worldwide …”

Primate of England?

You can see why this cracks me up.

This is NOT the new Archbishop of Canterbury

Also NOT the Archbishop of Canterbury

I have a history of trouble with remembering who the Archbishop of Canterbury is, frequently confusing his most esteemed archbishop-ness’s last name with that of another famous Rowan: Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean.

Here’s a photo of the real Archbishop of Canterbury, just so you know:

Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Williams look nothing alike, although I do think their eyebrows have quite a lot in common.

*All photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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