Snow Chaos to Cripple Britain!!

When it comes to weather, the Brits are used to two things: rain and gloom. When presented with anything else, they’re not always sure how to act (before any Brits pounce on me, I’m being tongue-in-cheek. Really). 2012 was the 2nd rainiest year on record here, so I must admit to a bit of cynicism when it comes to the weather: any native who tells me it isn’t normally so miserable will get a sigh and an eye roll from me.

This week it has been unusually cold here, a few degrees below freezing every night and a scattering or two of snow flurries. Any amount of snow here, however, except the lightest dusting, attracts dramatic headlines in newspapers, like the title of my post, above, which I took from the front page of a British newspaper last week (I included the exclamation points). Tomorrow, for instance, we are forecast to receive many inches of snow–as many as 6!!–and the newspapers are crying doomsday. “Travel chaos warning in weekend white-out as temperatures continue to drop” (they like alliteration too), from the Daily Express. “Blizzards to Blanket Britain” from Yahoo! News. One online outlet even published a headline that said something like, “Britain to turn into Antarctica.”

The Express, which published that rather lovely alliterative headline above, included this in its article (text in bold is my emphasis): “Jonathan Powell, for Vantage Weather Services, went even further, saying up to a foot of snow was possible, with temperatures falling as low as -17C in the North and -9C in the South.

He said: “Britain is gearing up for a major snow event which will certainly be the severest deluge of the winter so far.“Friday is going to be an absolute nightmare and into Saturday it is looking dreadful too. We could see 12ins fall in some parts.”

Jim Dale, at British Weather Services, said they had issued a red snow warning for Friday, indicating “extreme peril”.

He said: “An Atlantic system will push into the UK meeting cold air and the resulting battle leading to heavy snow.”

Battle? Peril? It’s a little bit of snow!! And it’s winter! Bring it on, say I. And if you want a look at what real snow is all about, I’ll include this photo of our house in Ohio . . . on a moderately snowy night.


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