So Close, and Yet So Far


Penn State pretzels, made in the UK to an “old American recipe.” They taste pretty much like the real thing, but I must say, as many, many, many (MANY) members of my extended family graduated from Penn State, I object to the name.

And then we have “Finz.”


The snack formerly known as “Goldfish” recently debuted in the local grocery store as Finz. Ok. Finz it is then. And no, they don’t quite taste the same.

Still, they’re the snack that smiles back, and they make my kids happy on the occasions I choose to pay for an overpriced, tiny bag of fake cheesy food. It’s the little things, after all.

One thought on “So Close, and Yet So Far

  1. kateinlimerick

    I finally found the Irish equivalent of Crisco, so now I can make whoopie pies and maybe a nice rhubarb pie.
    But they don’t have yellow cake mixes here (only chocolate), so I had to search for a recipe to bake a yellow cake from scratch.
    Aren’t our lives hard?
    On the upside, a few weeks ago Tesco *and* Shaws started carrying my favorite brand of shampoo & conditioner from the US. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.


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