Please, Don’t Worry the Sheep

IMAG0744He’s not kidding, my landlord. So far this year, he’s lost three lambs in one day thanks to marauding dogs. He hasn’t shot any, so far as I know. It does make me worry that when I go for a walk through his fields, he might shoot me, though I am hopeful he’ll recognize me for the tenant that I am.

The sheep were sheared a few weeks ago, which made for a very loud afternoon on the farm. Mamas wanted their babies, babies wanted their mamas, and there was much bleating going on. I’m not looking forward to the day when they mamas are separated from their babies, as I understand the bleating goes on for three whole days, rather than one afternoon. Poor little lambs.

And now, some freebie photos of the farm. (Look at those clouds! That’s all we ever seem to see here. If you live someplace where the sun comes out, please send it our way. Please?)


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