The Sleepy English Village

360894_battle_of_britainMy husband and I watch a lot of the TV program Midsomer Murders–a detective show about, well, murders in small, idyllic little villages outside of Oxford. It’s funny how, on TV, those beautiful, sleepy little villages are full of love affairs, marriages gone wrong, petty jealousies, theft, and homicide. We’re waiting for something like that to happen in our sleepy village (we’re kidding, really . . . we don’t expect, or want it to happen, but it would liven things up around here. We also think we might be able to get a good deal on an otherwise unaffordable house if a murder took place in it).

Things got lively here today when an unexploded bomb from WWII was found in the car park of a local coffee shop when the fence bordering the property was being removed. The  shop was evacuated for several hours while the bomb disposal team came to deal with the issue.

Yep, I said an unexploded bomb from WWII. I’m not sure that our little village was a popular target for bombing raids from the continent, but I know bombs have been found in many spots in the surrounding area. I heard all of this from the mother of one of my daughter’s friends, who was there at the time and didn’t get her morning coffee after all. She also told me about a little boy who took an unexploded WWII bomb to school for show-and-tell not long ago. His school was evacuated too. (Nope, neither he nor his parents had any idea what he had.)

I’m so glad my son takes in photos of our cats and various Lego structures for show-and-tell. Can you imagine getting that phone call from the head of your child’s school?

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.

One thought on “The Sleepy English Village

  1. kateinlimerick

    Sometime in your youth or childhood, you must have done something awfully good – because your children are simply *not* enough trouble.

    That said, since you mention Legos, did you know that Lego accepts proposals for new sets, and posts the proposals on their site for mass voting, and then puts the most popular suggestions into production, paying the proposer for the idea? James (and Charlotte) could post a few ideas, and maybe start adding to the college fund…


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