Dear England

711148_55136892Dear Adopted Country,

What have you done to me? I just caught myself ironing t-shirts!

I will confess to not being much of an iron-er. Back in Ohio, when my husband had actual free time, he did all of the ironing, which seemed only fair, as 99.6% of all the ironing to be done belonged to him. We move here, he’s out of the house 12-13 hours a day, and the ironing falls to me. Why, may I ask, is your country so obsessed with ironing? And why, for heaven’s sake, am I suddenly ironing t-shirts and pillowcases, things I would never have touched with an iron before? Perhaps it’s a test of my loyalty to Queen and country, maybe someone has secretly implanted a “you-must-iron-everything” chip in my brain so that I will follow the lead of British citizens everywhere who iron the duvet covers, the sheets, even (oh heaven help us, I must whisper it) their jeans?? And possibly even boxer shorts? (Which I may or may not have witnessed but have thus far never engaged in.)

Someone, please: send help. Unplug my iron, put away the ironing board, wrinkle all my clothes. Clearly, I need an intervention.

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng

3 thoughts on “Dear England

  1. Szuzanna

    This takes be back to my childhood when it was my “job” to do the ironing. I ironed the pillow cases, the sheets, the kitchen towels – if it was washed then i had to iron it. I no longer iron.

    1. virginiaw Post author

      Frightening, isn’t it? I was eyeing up the kitchen towels, considering ironing them, but luckily I stopped myself!


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