Long Time, No See

Hey. Hi there. How are you? Where’ve you been?

Oh wait. Where’ve I been? Oh, you know, this ‘n’ that. Having many big “do we stay or do we go” conversations with Mr. Expatrimummy, struggling to sell our house in Ohio (still not sold! 3 years later!), on the verge of getting kicked out by our landlord which caused us a lot of stress for a few days until he changed his mind… fun times. Looking for paying employment while freelancing and being a “school dinner lady” twice a week for the 4-year-old class at the local infants’ school (“Freddie said the “f” word! He said “fat” and “fat” is the “f” word!” I’m glad they think “fat” is the “f” word. My 8-yr-old thinks “fart” is the “f” word.)

I read in the paper over the weekend that house prices here climbed 300% in one generation not so long ago. Yikes. They’re climbing 8 to 10% per year in our little corner of England, and prices are already more than double what they are back in Ohio. In fact, we’d need half a million dollars to purchase a house similar to the one we currently own, and that is never going to happen. See the “do we stay/do we go” dilemma?

Wow. Grumpy much? Yes, yes I am. Bonus: the sun is shining for the 2nd day in a row, it’s warm, and that picture up top is a gratuitous photo of a snail that crawled all the way up my back door about a month ago.


One thought on “Long Time, No See

  1. Kate's Blank Slate

    You can’t leave!! I still have to get organized enough to do a day trip to your place way out in the countryside, and we have to go to Lord’s for the tea break (and the cricket…but mostly the tea break), and we have to catch the Eurostar across for lunch in Paris!


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