Three Years

Wow. Today marks the third anniversary of our move to England–and while I’m not sure where the time has gone, I also feel these have been three extraordinarily long years. I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned since we moved here, and thought I’d share some of it here:

1. Spiders win. Always. (I swear they reincarnate–within an hour of eliminating a spider and web in one spot, up crops another.)


This is a close up of a bit of onion skin hanging in mid-air, caught by a spiderweb, underneath the kitchen cabinets.










2. It rains way too much here.

Flooding outside my son's school. Delightful.

Flooding outside my son’s school. Delightful.

3. When the sun shines, it really is a most beautiful country.


And quaint. Did I mention that England is quaint?

And quaint. Did I mention that England is quaint?








4. Cream tea almost makes living here worth it.

You cannot do this every day. Oh, but so yummy.

5. When driving on a narrow country lane, bigger car wins. Smaller car backs up so large car can pass first. (I wish everyone obeyed this rule, but those who feel genetically or socially superior, or something, frequently won’t budge.)

6. Driving to Heathrow Airport is a nightmare of epic proportions. Having driven there twice in the past month, and about to head there again on Tuesday, it should be on a “1,000 Things NOT to Do Before You Die” list. It’s 64 miles of pure torture. On a good day, it should take 1.5 hours. On a bad day . . . and there only seem to be bad days . . . 3 hours of stop-start-stop wall-to-wall traffic.

A year ago at this time I was preparing to visit family in the States, and at the time I would have done anything to not return here. I considered every option multiple times but I reluctantly returned to give it another year. I’m renewing my option for another year, but I’m not in that same awful place I was a year ago. There’s not much that’s easy about moving countries, but there’s a little more brightness here than there was. I’m not going to judge any of it today, not going to chime in with the rest of the family’s views. We’re here, for better or worse, and in a year, we’ll see.

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