Maybe I Should Find this Funny

But I don’t, not really.

The multinational British-based bank HSBC just released its annual survey of best places for expats to live in the world. (And yes, I’m bearing in mind Mark Twain’s quote about “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”) (Oh, and also: I got this from the Washington Post, and its headline reads: “The Best Places in the World to be a Rich Foreigner.” Must bear this in mind, as while some of us in this family are “foreigners,” some are not, but we are most definitely not rich.) Countries were ranked on quality of life, raising children, and salaries earned. Out of 34 countries, guess where Great Britain ranked? After Kuwait, India, China, and Bahrain?

33rd. 33rd out of 34 countries for quality of life.

Well color me depressed.

Graphic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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