Only in England

dull men2 One of the things I love about the UK is the quirky and eccentric sense of humor many (not all) of its citizens possess. (Though sometimes I don’t love it because it’s so understated and quietly sarcastic that you don’t know if you’re being made fun of or not.) So I wasn’t surprised when, browsing the online edition of The Guardian a few weeks ago, I found an article titled “What are your dull hobbies?” Because of course. Yes, in the UK, there is, of all things, a Dull Men’s Club, which boasts 5,000 (5,000!) members. And they have released a sort of “pin-up” calendar featuring some of their dull members. Mr. January, for example, travels the nation taking photos of roundabouts. Mr. April has collected over 20,000 milk bottles, and claimed that particular month in the calendar because it is when he gives his bottles their annual spring clean. Mr. July collects traffic cones and likes to swap them if he finds a rare one. (There are rare traffic cones?) Mr. October is a man after my own heart, for he is founder of the “Apostrophe Protection Society.” (Though on investigating further I discovered that the Dull Men’s Club was first founded in New York in the 1980s. Sigh. Delusions shattered.) Still. You can’t make this stuff up. Photo courtesy of the Dull Men website.

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