A Subject of the Queen


The Queen’s Newest Subject: Me

It’s official (finally)! I am a British citizen.

How strange is that? I’m feeling immense relief that it’s over, after a nervous day yesterday waiting for the 5:30 ceremony. I kept thinking, “What if I turn up and they tell me I never registered for the ceremony? Or what if they tell me my check didn’t clear?” It felt a little bit like getting married. Once I did arrive for the ceremony, it still felt a bit like getting married: they gave us all a fresh flower to pin on, ran us through the ceremony, gave us the oath we were required to read. We processed in to some bit of dramatic music, listened to a little speech by the Deputy Lieutenant of Kent County (whatever that means, I really have no idea) and the Vice-Chair of the local county council, swore our oaths, had our photos taken under a portrait of the Queen, signed the official register and–that was it. We were “in.”

I was surprised to discover I wasn’t the only American–I think there were at least two others, as well as individuals from Canada, Australia, Poland, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, South Africa, Pakistan, and a few other countries I’ve already forgotten.

So, I’ve pledged my oath to do my duty to Queen and country–now what? I’m sure my invitation to dine with the Queen is in the mail.

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4 thoughts on “A Subject of the Queen

  1. Kate's Blank Slate

    Ack! I got all caught up in work and totally missed it! You look like a well-dressed, mature, responsible, fine, upstanding subject. I’m sure England is lucky to have you. Let me know when you have your passport – I’m applying for mine this spring, and then I’m hoping to have a few weeks between jobs this summer so I can go someplace that gets me a proper stamp in my proper passport – How do you feel about Iceland? 😉 Congratulations!!

    1. Ginny Williams Post author

      Iceland? Eh. Maybe. I’d prefer someplace warm and sunny, me thinks. Hoping to do a family trip to Greece this summer, but don’t know where exactly (islands, not Athens). I’ve started my passport application and hope to have it submitted in the next week or two.


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