It’s Pancake Day!

256px-Pancake_race_London_on_your_marksThree years ago I wrote about Pancake Day (ie, Shrove Tuesday) here, and my marital conflicts over the exact definition of a pancake versus a crepe, and the merits of maple syrup over well, non-maple syrup. (I won, thank you very much.)

As today is Tasty Tuesday, I thought I would repeat the British pancake recipe and offer a few suggestions for those who are local to London and may want to hit The Big Smoke for festivities.

If you’re in London, there are several pancake day races (flip your pancake in your frying pan as you “run” the course) available to watch or participate in, providing there’s still space. Try the Great Spitalfields Race in Dray Walk and Brick Lane; all proceeds go to London’s Air Ambulance. The race starts at 12:30.

The Better Bankside Race is open only to those who work in the Bankside area, but anyone can come and watch. It also starts at 12:30 in Borough Market’s Jubilee Place. There will be lots of stalls selling pancakes of all sorts.

If you’ve read this early enough, head over to Victoria Tower Gardens by the Houses of Parliament at 9:45 for the Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race to witness politicians, lords (of the House of Lords variety) and political correspondents run with their pancakes for charity.

If you want more ideas about celebrating Pancake Day in London, click here. And enjoy your pancakes, whether they be crepe-like with lemon juice and sugar, or fluffy buttermilk ones with maple syrup.

Pancakes (Makes 8)

  • 125g (4 oz) flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 egg
  • 300ml (1/2 pint) milk
  • lard or vegetable oil

1. Mix the flour and salt together in a bowl. Make a well in the center and break in the egg. Add half the liquid, then gradually work in the flour from the sides of the bowl. Beat until smooth.

2. Add the remaining liquid gradually. Beat until the ingredients are well mixed.

3. Heat a little lard or oil in a small frying pan, running it around the pan to coat the sides. Pour in a little batter, tilting the pan to form an even coating.

4. Place over moderate heat and cook until golden underneath, then turn with a palette knife and cook the other side. Slide the pancake on to a plate lined with greaseproof paper and keep warm. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, of a pancake race in London.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Pancake Day!

    1. Ginny Williams Post author

      Growing up we would have American pancakes & sausage for dinner as an occasional treat. Breakfast: it’s what’s for dinner! 🙂

  1. Kate's Blank Slate

    I wonder why we don’t have pancake races here? All Limerick has is a pancake mix sale at Tesco. Maybe I’ll work on that for next year – I know a man who volunteers with Search & Rescue – I’m sure they’d like another fundraiser! Thank you – for the recipe and the ideas!


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