Mystery Photo Answers

My Dad commented yesterday on the two photos I posted, and while he’s extremely knowledgeable about plants (he’s been an outdoors-y guy all his life and knows more about plants than most) I really did think these two might be new to him. I should’ve known: they weren’t, and he correctly named both plants.

This one is, believe it or not, giant rhubarb:

While this one is the monkey puzzle tree, a tree native to Chile & the Andes, but popular in England in the Victorian era, when wealthy citizens liked to collect interesting plants for their extensive collections.


So, to my Dad, a hearty, “Well done!” I’ll have to keep looking out for unusual specimens to see if I can stump you eventually.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Photo Answers

  1. Dad

    Confession time, Ginny. Without the internet I never would have gotten them! Could guess the family of the first one and that made it easy, but the second was pure searching. What botanical garden did you take those in?

    1. Ginny Williams Post author

      Ha! So I did fool you! 🙂 The giant rhubarb photos were taken at Leeds Castle, which is 5 minutes away. The monkey puzzle tree photos were taken at Igtham Mote, which is just a little further afield, but still in Kent.


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