Summer Adventure Video and a Giveaway!

I’ve promised you more photos from our Crete summer holiday–and finally, here they are. I made this video using an app from RealTimes—a great app I received for free when I attended the BritMums Live blogging conference in June. The folks at RealTimes gave me a free, unlimited cloud storage account (an £80 value) that gives me unlimited photo and video storage, the ability to make videos (and photo albums) from my photos, with music, and share them easily. The app will even create the videos for you by collecting images it thinks belong together, so it’s a real no-brainer way to make great videos without much effort. You can edit the videos, add music to the video from their offerings or add your own. I’ve only just begun exploring what they offer, but for the somewhat technically challenged individual (me!) who doesn’t have a lot of spare time, I’ve got to say I really like it.

Why have I told you all of that? Well, because I’ve got one Unlimited RealTimes account to give away to you, dear reader. (And I’m going to be upgrading my site soon so I can more easily post videos and giveaways, and in the spirit of a general upgrade/improvement… so stay tuned.)

Click on the link below, watch the video, let me know what you think, then come back and enter the giveaway!“>P1050231

To enter the giveaway, click here:

One thought on “Summer Adventure Video and a Giveaway!

  1. Linda

    Blogging research: Language and identity in expatriate blogs

    Dear VirginiaW

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    What my research will involve
    I’m especially interested in your blog posts and the comments leading up to your relocation to England until one year afterwards, as well as the title and the ‘about’ section in your blog. My research will involve an analysis of these entries in terms of how identity is constructed and negotiated in them. The collected information will be used for my PhD thesis and potential projects and publications beyond. My research has been ethically approved and the authorisation code is 150218_Walz_140092297_BS.

    If you are willing to participate
    If you agree to participate in the research, I will collect all posts and comments in your blog from before your move to England to one year afterwards for analysis. All collected information will be stored securely and treated confidentially, and of course you are free to withdraw from this research project at any time. Finally, if you’d like to hear about my findings, I’m happy to share them with you once my research is concluded.
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    Many thanks and best wishes

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    Lord Mayor’s Walk | York YO31 7EX | UK


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