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A Few of My Favo(u)rite Things

I love going into London and poking around Covent Garden. The only times I manage to get there are weekends or during the summer holidays, when it is packed with natives and tourists alike, all delighting in the eclectic mix of street performers, posh shops, market stalls and restaurants.

My very first trip to Covent Garden must’ve been 20 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s definitely one of my “Top 10” to visit in London (although there is much of London I still haven’t seen).

Covent Garden is notable this Christmas for the Santa Claus, sleigh and nine shiny reindeer all made out of Lego bricks. Not the sort of thing I might notice if it weren’t for the two Lego mad boys in the house (ok, technically, one is a man). It took a rather impressive 700,000 Lego bricks to make the full-size display; you can even sit on the sleigh next to Santa if you like. (We didn’t sit with Santa when we went; too crowded. Probably also too old.) The company that built it totals 17 full-time staff who build Lego structures for a living. (In italics because this is so very exciting to the boys in my house who dream of playing with Lego bricks for pay, full-time.) Read more about it here. (The photo of Santa, below, was taken from too far away with the camera on my phone, so it’s not very good.)

Covent Garden 5

Covent Garden 6

Covent Garden 7