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Mystery Photo Answers

My Dad commented yesterday on the two photos I posted, and while he’s extremely knowledgeable about plants (he’s been an outdoors-y guy all his life and knows more about plants than most) I really did think these two might be new to him. I should’ve known: they weren’t, and he correctly named both plants.

This one is, believe it or not, giant rhubarb:

While this one is the monkey puzzle tree, a tree native to Chile & the Andes, but popular in England in the Victorian era, when wealthy citizens liked to collect interesting plants for their extensive collections.


So, to my Dad, a hearty, “Well done!” I’ll have to keep looking out for unusual specimens to see if I can stump you eventually.

Mystery Photo Thursday

Just for fun, four photos for you. Take a guess as to what these plants are and let me know in the comments below. I’ll give you the answers tomorrow, and anyone who guesses correctly will receive a hearty, “Well done!”